Cake Media: An Introduction

Welcome to our first blog here at Cake Media!

This is where we will be sharing our news, examples of our work and social media insights in the weeks, months and years ahead. Hopefully this will become a useful and informative content, design and social media resource for you and your Maui business.

As a new company, the last few months have been dedicated to getting our project off the ground—formulating a business plan, registering our LLC, building and populating a website, designing a logo, printing business cards, meeting with clients, designing and creating content and more. In short, it’s been a busy and exciting time.

One of the biggest early challenges we faced was picking a company name that a) we both liked, b) would be memorable to our clients and c) would work from a copy and design perspective on our site/logo/business cards, etc.

So… you may ask, how did we arrive at Cake Media? 

As sisters from England, we both love tea and cake, you could say it’s an integral part of life in the land of rainclouds, cricket, village tearooms and country pubs. Whenever we were brainstorming ideas for our burgeoning business, our meetings were often (okay, always) accompanied by tea and cake.


Several name ideas came and went but nothing stood out. Nothing felt right. Until one of us (probably gazing at the crumbs on our plate) remarked that, “We should just call ourselves Cake.” 

As you can see, it stuck.

We are now one month into being an official LLC here in Maui County and we are delighted to be working with several local companies already. Our first clients are Star Noodle, the Kaanapali Beach Hotel and Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop and it’s a real pleasure to be working with these fantastic west Maui businesses for their social media and design needs. We also have some exciting projects in the pipeline, which will be revealed right here very soon.

To take a closer look at Cake Media and the work that we do, please follow us on our social media platforms by clicking the tabs below.

Mahalo for visiting! Laura and Jenny