The Rise of Internet Video

As Internet video continues to skyrocket in popularity, experts forecast that—by 2017—it will account for 74 percent of all online traffic.

That’s an incredible, if unsurprising, statistic.

Think about it, video has started to become an intrinsic part of online life for everyone, it’s a valuable real-time news source, its how we catch up on sporting and cultural events, it’s how we now watch music videos, laugh at clips of YouTube cats, find out about new products, places, languages and much, much more.

When we see an engaging clip, we share it with our followers and friends. We view, we like, we share. It’s what most, if not all of us, do.

From a content marketing point of view, this is something that can’t be ignored and at Cake Media, we recognize the power of using film as a marketing tool. Below, you can see a 15-second "how-to" video that we recently created for Star Noodle.

Simple, yet effective, this post elicited a fantastic response from the restaurant's followers, generating views, likes, shares and requests for more "how-to" clips. Visually, it offers something different to the material on offer across Star Noodle's social media platforms.

Done the right way, video is the perfect format to grab your audience’s attention, to answer their questions and to give them a peek behind the scenes of the business that you own or represent.

Don't miss out on your slice of video marketing, contact Cake Media and we can help!