SEO Work For Aric Becker Photography

It has been such a pleasure to work with Maui photographer Aric Becker in recent weeks. 

He is an excellent sports, commercial, editorial and portrait photographer, who relocated to Maui from Seattle in 2013. 

For Aric and family, a move across the Pacific brought about plenty of changes, including the need to start his established photography business again from the ground up.

Golfer Jordan Rodgers, shot by Aric Becker on Maui in April, 2016.

Golfer Jordan Rodgers, shot by Aric Becker on Maui in April, 2016.

When Aric approached us to inquire about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for his website,, we were excited to help him continue with the growth of his Maui business.

For those who may not be familiar with SEO, in short, it is a way of combining a range of creative and technical techniques to improve organic (unpaid) search engine rankings. The goal is to increase the visibility of a website, rank higher on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing and, ultimately, to bring in more site traffic and paying customers.

At Cake Media, our client work will always begin with an informal chat and we met with Aric several times over coffee to discuss our services, strategy and to examine the existing content on his site. Once we had a clear idea of what he wanted and how we could help, we delivered a bespoke proposal, outlining our plans for increasing SEO.

Aric is great at getting out there, shooting a wide variety of subjects and cross-marketing on social media. His easy-to-navigate site already had a wealth of high-quality visual content, including shots from portrait sessions, editorial work and photography from local sporting events such as The Maui Invitational (basketball), The Hyundai Tournament of Champions (golf) and the NFL Pro Bowl (football).

However, after completing a full audit of Aric’s site, we knew that we could be of assistance in several areas. 

We started with Jenny working on the technical side of things, including research, development and implementation of keyword strategy, adding and/or optimizing URL slugs, title tagging and more.

Meanwhile, Laura began work on content development. Creating unique written content is something that we love to do and It so important to have fresh, error-free, readable copy with relevant keywords on your site. It offers an insight into you and your business, makes for a much better user experience and, done the right way, will drastically improve your search engine rankings. 

After interviewing Aric, we rewrote his Bio to tell the story of how he became a photographer.  He has a great story by the way, you can check it out here.

We also created a new FAQ page, where site users could easily discover the answers to any immediate questions. This also gave us the opportunity to work in more relevant keywords, to tell prospective customers more about Aric's work and, of course, to encourage users to spend longer navigating around the site.

Then we began the process of working back through Aric’s blogs, dating back to January 2015. We increased the length of the posts, edited the spelling and grammar, added in more background information and—you guessed it—worked in those all-important keywords.

As with any SEO project, this is not a fast process and requires plenty of updates and staying on top of keyword trends. We'll be revisiting Aric's site many times in the coming days and weeks to analyze the effects of our work and to adjust aspects of our strategy accordingly.

Do you need help with SEO? Don't know where to start? Get in touch with us today and we can help!

Thank you for visiting, Laura and Jenny